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Brand IP Optimization and Risk Management

7Miles Global™ empowers advertisers and their agency partners to maximize the value of their brand’s intellectual property.

Our concierge approach to service matches your unique Content Creation and Media Logistics needs with the optimal solutions, software, and industry leading expertise for each client.

Our cutting-edge technology helps you have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions.

Content Creation Support

Ensure your project’s success with a partner as hands-on as you need us to be

Business Affairs

Concept Review, Contract Review, Budget Preparation, Talent Review

Optimize the value of your advertising investment at each step of the process from initial ideation to production and delivery to asset re-use and re-purpose.

Our subject matter expertise, dedicated business affairs managers, and best practice solutions improve ROI, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

Signatory & Production Management


7Miles Global™ operates as a signatory to the union agreement to enable the use of SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA, AFM, or UDA talent for your commercial productions.

Simplify compliance, contracting, and payroll management with our team, so your team can focus on messaging and creative objectives.

Rights Management

Tracking, Expiration Notifications, Rights (Re)Negotiation

Third-party assets like landmarks and music make your brand feel familiar and help your audience identify with your message.

Ensure that you’re marketing compliantly – our team helps negotiate / renegotiate the longest-term deal at the lowest possible cost, while our IP360 platform tracks rights, manages assets, and notifies you of upcoming expirations.

Talent Management

Union, Non-Union, Celebrity, Influencer 

Whether you’re working with union talent or staging a non-union production, leveraging an influencer or securing a celebrity, it’s important to keep contracting, compliance, rights and payroll management top of mind.

7Miles Global™ manages these processes for you to free your team to keep the big picture in focus.

On-Set Services

In-Person and Remote Assistance

Our team helps ensure compliance and success on-set.

Whether you need an advisor physically present or checking in remotely, the 7Miles Team can help optimize your production for efficiency and compliance.

Media Logistics Services

Deliver your message as efficiently,
securely, and cost effectively as possible


Coordinate Media Plans, Resolve Issues, Manage ID Codes

Our traffic team can implement the optimal media delivery plan to ensure your message is seamlessly deployed.

We resolve issues and coordinate the logistics to remove speedbumps between your ad and its target audience.

Network Clearance Services

Meeting Final Delivery Needs for Approval

Network clearance is as much art as science. Meeting the technical requirements and specifications of each final network, platform, or service is only half the battle.

Not every requirement is codified; final ad approvals are at the network’s discretion. Leverage our experts’ long experience securing clearance to help ensure your ads are expeditiously approved.


Technology Enabled Seamless Content Delivery and Versioning

Leverage our media logistics platform to quickly and simply deliver your ads globally with a single tool.

Each ad can also be versioned seamlessly for a personalized message based on use case.


Transcoding, Descriptive Video Service, Closed Captioning, Tagging

Easily utilize a world-class suite of post-production services.

Format OLV files with custom naming conventions, enable accessibility with Descriptive Video Service (DVS) and Closed Captioning (CC), and custom tag spots to make a unique connection with each audience. 

Innovative Technology Platforms

Cutting-edge automation and custom workflow management optimize your brand IP value, enable accessibility, and lower liability risk

Rights Management, Expiration Oversight, Compliance

Protect your brand intellectual property and take control of rights management with IP360. This proprietary technology is a unified management solution allowing transparency into brand IP data to protect against risk, optimize asset use and value, and increase ROI.

Traffic, Versioning, Tagging

Manage versioning, post-production services, delivery, and storage in one centralized Media Logistics platform, ensuring your brand’s voice can reach your audience anywhere.

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